After running the experimental art space called Montevideo in the old harbour of Antwerp, Belgium (1980-1984) with a renowned international program (see History), Annie Gentils opened the doors of her new gallery in the centre of Antwerp in May 1985. The aim was and still is to this day, to give a platform to contemporary Belgian and international artists, some even from the early beginnings of their artistic development.


The Annie Gentils Gallery presents contemporary multimedia and conceptual work, as well as painting and sculpture, and in cooperation with our artists we follow and promote their artistic career and development. We find it important to make solo shows of our artists in the gallery space at least every 2 years, even though we understand the importance in the art-world of the internet and of art fairs. In addition we actively promote our artists, often also with solo-shows at important international art fairs, in order to present them to collectors, institutions and museums world-wide.


The artists we work with develop their work on an autonomous basis, often rooted in the ground of art history, and unaffected by fashionable artistic trends. We also want to give them a digital platform on our website, not only to show their work but also to show our own art historical background that help us to determine our choice of artists.

The gallery is well known for its consistent line of quality and of critical engagement.

Publications and editions have supported our activities from the early years until the present time.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and enquiries about the art works, publications, editions and multiples that we have available.


The gallery is directed by Annie Gentils, in partnership with Orlando Gentils.