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Sina Hensel & Hannah Mevis - Pale Burnt Lake

While Mother Earth is busy sustaining global interdependencies, human and non-human bodies similarly strive to perform resilience. Microalgae or plants produce saturated dyes as a protection against heat. Human bodies join forces to stop the past from repeating itself. The duo exhibition Pale Burnt Lake by artists Sina Hensel and Hannah Mevis draws attention to current states and signals of bodily perception in human and non-human life forms. Whereas for Sina the lens of colour is a means to grasp new pathological vulnerabilities such as thermophobia (fear or intolerance to heat) or heliophobia (fear or intolerance to solar radiation), Hannah focuses on the exhaustion of sculptures and how they represent the marginalization of the female. The exhibition translates these phenomena and body states beyond language - starting from the senses and for the senses - to shape a topology of human and non-human perception. 

Within the exhibition context, Sina and Hannah will host events to talk about their work through the perception of one or several of our five senses. Dates: September 18th and October 9th. More info will be shared throughout the exhibition process.


Sina Hensel - Behind the still Lives 2022

The City of Antwerp acquired an important work by the English conceptual artist

Stephen Willats: Concrete window, (from encounters in Antwerp and elswhere), 1991

 Concrete Window was made during winter 1990 - 1991 in Antwerp and exhibited at the Annie Gentils Gallery (Montevideo) in 1991.

Concrete Window was exhibited at MUHKA in 2019 (exhibition curated by Nav Haq)


"On the left bank of the river dividing Antwerp there is another city, a satellite seemingly hidden from the visitor to the historic centre of the main city.

This satellite city is a dormitory of apartments situated in vast slab blocks of concrete, dotted around like monuments in a highly ordered, landscape park. I invited three women, who were resident in separate parts of an apartment block at Ernest Claesstraat 12, to paricipate in making a work centered on the environment of their living space, photographically documenting objects the identified as significant under their supervision before making a

tape-recorded discussion as to the personal meanings they attached to them. The result of each documentation then formed the context of the 'symbolic world' presented in the work, founded on the actuality of each woman's unique experience of a common structure that, unwittingly, links them."

 Stephen Willats  in  "Concrete Window", 1991in:  Cat. " Concrete Window - Montevideo 1991, ed. Annie Gentils, Antwerp, 1991

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