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Andrew Webb, Aristocratic hairline machine, 1997

Andrew Webb, The aristocratic hairline machine, 1997

Steel, wood, bicycle wheel, 200 books and chair


The Aristocratic Hair Line has been a mark of

distinction in western culture for over six hundred years. The man who sports the Aristocratic Hair Line is widely though of as being intelligent, virile and perhaps just a little more cultured than the average man. The man who can hold his head up high with an

intellectual Aristocratic Hair Line will also be considered artistic and elegant, mature and dignified - even, insightful and perceptive. Gentlemen do not despair - you too can enjoy a higher status in society - with little effort - just by changing your hair style to the intellectual Aristocratic Hair Line. With regular use of your own personal Aristocratic Hair Line Machine in just three months your hair line will have receded sufficiently to give you that perfectly natural intelligent, aristocratic look of the kind that, previously you have been so envious of in other men.

Andrew Webb, A + W, 1999
Andrew Webb, Aristocratic hairline machine, 1997
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