Nine letter- or Word-bridges by artist couple, 1994. The Belgian artists designed a whole new alphabet, ' the regulation ', an image in which each letter Azart is replaced by a line. The squiggly figures in the bridge railings forms a Word. The name refers to AZ-art but also to the French ' hazard '. The Azart is Russian for inspiration or passion in the game. The bridges: Idea, Word, and Conscience. 
Rahaman is raised on the pass in yellow. The News Journal of Yellow plays an important role during his childhood and early adulthood. Up to the age of thirty he worked just like his mother and father at this newspaper. "I've always had something with letters and language. How the alphabet is taught, is a total abstraction of reality. Language is learned behavior and that excites me greatly ". He worked a dozen years together with his now deceased wife Monica Droste. 
Rombouts and Droste do blur the boundary between art and language and develop a own picture alphabet, the so-called Azart. Each letter is symbolized by a line and a color (e.g.: C curve and lemon yellow). This alphabet is still a fixture in the work of Raghu. 
Written in a language Interconnecting bridges, bridges. This applies to the nine foot/bike bridges on the Java island. They are thus ' language bridges ' and not without reason, because language is metaphorically a bridge between people. The district is firmly a bit less anonymous by.
Is not a sober Dutchman slightly nervous of such a concept? Enjoy the impressive bridges that falls a lot, much appreciated. They are designed by the Belgian artists Monika Guy Rombouts and Droste. They worked together with the architect Paul Wallace. Guy Rombouts explains. 
The alphabet is an alphabet: Azart-designed by the artists Guy Rombouts and Monica Droste. The name of the alphabet refers to AZ-art (A-Z for alphabet and art for art) and for the word hazard (happiness, fate). Azart is Russian for inspiration or passion in the game.
each letter of the alphabet consists of: 
a line with a shape (for example: "in proportion, Ingots steel), a color (Aquamarine, Burgundy), a sound (" Aha ", call-sound). 
the alphabet is by Rombouts and Droste, among other things, the following works of art applied: on nine Letter bridges (also called: Word bridges) on the Java island in Amsterdam (1994). Azart is also the name of a ship and of a theatre company that uses them, and that in the Java island had fixed landing point, the spot at the dock is called Azartplein [5] Accordingly, in the building of SD Worx in Antwerp (1995), 2 sculptures in the Central median of the Koning Albert II-laan in Brussels (Brussels-North) (1997), lines and figures on the walls of the Brussels metro station Tomberg (1998), the Letter garden in Burcht (Zwijndrecht) aan de Schelde (2006).

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