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Publisher: Stockmans Art Books / Wesley Meuris
Contributing authors: Colette Dubois / Vlad Ionescu / Jill Gasparina
Translation: Patrick Lennon /Paula Cook
Graphic Design: Undercast / Reg Herygers
Print: Bruno Devos / Stockmans Art books
Photo credits: We Document Art / C. Demeter / NASA
Edition: 600

Price: 35 €


Wesley Meuris


BE 2021

Wesley Meuris, Exhibition Types

Wesley Meuris

Exhibition Types


text by: Stef Van Bellingen and others / English

design by: Undercast

24 x 22 cm, 132 pages

published by: Wesley Meuris & Stockmans

price: 40 €

Wesley Meuris, FEAK


text by: Mary Anne Stanizewski, Charlotte Klonk, Julia Noordegraaf and Bizhan Mouradipour in conversation with Pawel Jankowksy / English / Dutch / French

design by:  Joann & Sisters

24 x 22 cm, 126 pages

published by: Stad Brugge and Casino Luxembourg forum d’art Contemporain

price: 40 €

Wesley Meuris, Foundation for Exhibiting Art and Knowledge, NOTES


This addendum gives the reader of the artist book The Foundation for Exhibiting Art and Knowledge the opportunity to dig into the origin of this project. The notes listed in this paper will give an insight in how the fiction of the Foundation came to existence, in how it is constructed and were the cross-references can be found.

24 x 22 cm, 105 pages

Wesley Meuris, C.C.C.A.I

Wesley Meuris



text by: Denis Briand & Jean-Marc Poinsot / English /  French

design by:  Joann & Sisters

21 x 21 cm, 48 pages

published by: Galerie Art&Essai & Gallery Annie Gentils

price: 15 €

Wesley Meuris, Artificially Deconstructed


text by: Michel Dewilde, Herman Parret en Key Portilla-Kawamura / English / Dutch

design by: J-J Stiefenhofer

30 x 30 cm, 72 pages

published by: Wesley Meuris & Gallery Annie Gentils

out of print

Wesley Meuris, Zoological Classification


text by: Herman Parret / English / Dutch

design by: J-J Stiefenhofer

31 x 22 cm, folder with 24 pages

published by: Wesley Meuris & Gallery Annie Gentils

price: 10 €

printing: Lithos Printing

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