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Wesley Meuris - Verticality - Assembly Panel III, 2021
Wesley Meuris, Verticality - Assembly Panel I, 2021
Wesley Meuris, Verticality -Assembly panel VI, 2021
Wesley Meuris, Verticality, Growth chamber II
Wesley Meuris, Verticality (Low Orbit and Geostationary Orbit), 2020
Wesley Meuris, Probe (III), 2021
Wesley Meuris, Ocean Biotypes - 2017
Wesley Meuris, Communication between Earth and Not Earth, 2017
Wesley Meuris, Verticality, Replacing (2 shelves, 2 cubes), 2020
Wesley Meuris, Earth Observation – Atmospheric and Oceanic Conditions, 2020
010_krieg_the edition-plant tropism
Wesley Meuris, Wind Power Fundamentals - Lecture Note: Efficiency in Extracting Wind Power, 2014
Wesley Meuris, Case Studies in Contemporary Archeology: Lecture Notr: Interpreting Archeological Evi
Wesley Meuris, Department of Art History, 2017
Wesley Meuris,  Department of art history (detail)
Wesley Meuris, Kapwani Kiwanga
Wesley Meuris - Notes - Nilima Minaksihi Vasuda, 2020
Wesley Meuris, Greenhouse of the Royal Botanical Garden, 2009
Wesley Meuris, An outstanding sculpture garden, 2012
Wesley Meuris, Panoramic Rotunda, 2017
Wesley Meuris, Panoramic Rotunda, 2017
Wesley Meuris, Primate Enclosure, 2017, Installation solo MAC's Grand Hornu 2017
Wesley Meuris, Antarctic Biennial, 2017
Wesley Meuris, Sex at the Museum, 2012
Wesley Meuris, Lecture Notes - Culture and the Remarkable Plasticity of Eating, 2015
023_clipb sm_managing identity image and reputation
Wesley Meuris, Lecture Notes on theories of histories, 2015
Wesley Meuris, Ecology and Functional Mechanisms, 2017
Wesley Meuris, Compare two magnificent pieces of the collection, 2012
Wesley Meuris, Entrance Kit for Sculpture Garden
Wesley Meuris, Room 36 Area LW, 2014
Wesley Meuris, Grant Entomology Museum, 2007
Wesley Meuris, Nuclear Power Centre, 2007
Wesley Meuris, Museum Kiosk for Camera Services – Take the perfect shot in front of your favorite pi
Wesley Meuris - Botanical World Archive, 2007
Wesley Meuris - Foundation for Exhibiting Art and Knowledge - RA5QMP5398_drawing-a survey through ti
Wesley Meuris, Cage for Galago Crassicaudata, 2005
Wesley Meuris - The world's most important artists; Center for Collecting and Conservation of Art In
Cage for Okapi Johnstoni, 2007
035_drawing_large bustard
036_drawing_snowy owl
034_cage for pelodiscus sinensis detail 1
038_foot-bath 350 l_01
037_drawing_toco toucan
040_Hydrophilic entertainment for 4 athletes copy
039_Hydrophilic entertainment for 2 athletes copy
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