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Drawings, sculptures and installations by the Belgian artist Wesley Meuris (*1977), present a strongly architectural, or even scientific, character. Things which could, at first glance, appear as devices for presenting data or artefacts, are, in fact, works of art in themselves. By bringing these mechanisms and demonstration objects to light, Wesley Meuris points at our way of presenting and seeing things.

The title of the exhibition, Verticality, refers to the slow but definite change in our perception and understanding of the world around us. After the horizontal search and investigation of the earth’s surface (Age of Discovery and Colonial Period), we now enter an era where the vertical stratification both deep beneath the earth's surface and far beyond the atmosphere generates new futuristic visions. Rapidly changing conditions on earth stimulate scientists, project developers and technicians to make far-reaching and unseen progression in how to think about new habitations, advanced observation and remarkable communication systems. Deeply rooted parameters of understanding our place here on earth are becoming debatable. A precarious, but challenging position is reserved for mankind. In this exhibition, Wesley Meuris departs from this notion, a progress that cannot be grasped, neither be stopped, let alone slowed down. By means of new drawings, diagrams and sculptures, new planetary ecologies are unfolded. 

1_Atelier 01.jpg
2_Atelier 02.jpg
Atelier 02.jpg
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Z_Atelier portrait 01.JPG
Z_Atelier portrait 03.JPG
8_dwr_SAT - NGC 5194.jpg

Observation Satellite - Planetary Resources – NGC 5194

2020 - 50 x 56 cm - Pencil and watercolour on paper

4_dwr_SAT - M83.jpg

Observation Satellite - Planetary Resources - M83 

2020 - 50 x 56 cm - Pencil and watercolour on paper


Earth Observation – Atmospheric and Oceanic Conditions 

2020 - 76 x 55 cm - Pencil and watercolour on paper

5_dwr_SAT - Arp 148.jpg

Observation Satellite - Planetary Resources – Arp 148

2020 - 50 x 56 cm - Pencil and watercolour on paper

7_dwr_SAT - M 101.jpg

Observation Satellite - Planetary Resources - M101

2020 - 50 x 56 cm - Pencil and watercolour on paper

6_dwr_SAT - NGC 598.jpg

Observation Satellite - Planetary Resources – NGC 598

2020 - 50 x 56 cm - Pencil and watercolour on paper

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