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Lise Duclaux’s work is structured by an investigation into the forms and processes of nature and ecosystems, similar to the methods of biology or cartography. Refuting any systematization of thought, the artist explores the complexity of the living through different disciplines, including drawing, writing, photography, performance, and installation.

She explores her relationship with the other, this unknown, searches in the complexity of the living and delivers to us by varied forms a glance of slant, poetic and engaged. Using drawing, writing, performance, photography, installation, and the artist's book, she tells us about these worlds explored around her home or her places of residence. She publishes posters and books from her publishing house ‘à lire à la loupe', posters and books. She recently published: Les errantes naturelles.(2022)

Solo exhibitions at Casa Natale di Raffaello Urbino,Fondation Claudine et Jean Marc Salomon, Annecy, M HKA, Antwerp, LaM, Lille, MAC’S Grand Hornu, Centre Pompidou Metz

We are showing a series of drawings on the theme of bees and flowers found in her own garden: "Les Abeilles Indociles". We prepare a solo exhibition "Les Abeilles et les Fleurs Indociles" opening Sunday 10 September 2023.

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