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Sina Hensel & Hannah Mevis - Pale Burnt Lake

While Mother Earth is busy sustaining global interdependencies, human and non-human bodies similarly strive to perform resilience. Microalgae or plants produce saturated dyes as a protection against heat. Human bodies join forces to stop the past from repeating itself. The duo exhibition Pale Burnt Lake by artists Sina Hensel and Hannah Mevis draws attention to current states and signals of bodily perception in human and non-human life forms. Whereas for Sina the lens of colour is a means to grasp new pathological vulnerabilities such as thermophobia (fear or intolerance to heat) or heliophobia (fear or intolerance to solar radiation), Hannah focuses on the exhaustion of sculptures and how they represent the marginalization of the female. The exhibition translates these phenomena and body states beyond language - starting from the senses and for the senses - to shape a topology of human and non-human perception. 

Within the exhibition context, Sina and Hannah will host events to talk about their work through the perception of one or several of our five senses. Dates: September 18th and October 9th. More info will be shared throughout the exhibition process.



















Andrew Webb - Heavenly Flowers

The title comes from a poem of Andrew Webb:


The Persistent fluttering

of The Butterfly

outside My Window,

Casts its Shadow,

Dancing on the Studio Floor.

He can see I am painting,

Heavenly Flowers.

ARTISTS Exhibited 

Kati Heck

Thom Puckey

Philip Aguirre 

Renato Nicolodi

Cécile Bart

Michelangelo Pistoletto

Guillaume Bijl

Klaus Pobitzer

Kate Burkhart

Gerard Polhuis

Leo Copers

Perry Roberts

Hans Demeulenaere

Walter Swennen

Danny Devos

Guy Van Bossche

Lucas Devriendt

Philippe Van Snick

Peter Downsbrough

Els Vanden Meersch

Hubert Duprat

Filip Vervaet

Pieter Geenen

Bianca Voss

Paul Goede

Cindy Wright

Kris Fierens

Dirk Zoete

Philip Huyghe

Ruben Kindermans

Kris Vleeschouwer


Andrew Webb:

Exhibition extended until 21 August (visit by appointment)

Talk about Andrew Webb and his oeuvre

on Sunday 21 August from 3 pm

With Ria Pacquée - Guy Van Bossche - Marc Rossignol - Ory Dessau



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